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bullet1st in Arizona in Math for Project for Study of Academic Precocity (PSAP).
bullet2nd in USA (top freshman) in American Computer Science League (ACSL) contest.
bullet3rd place in International Croquar-95 contest.
bulletTop computer student at University High School (admits only top 2% of students).
bulletScholarships from PSAP & Johns Hopkins to Talent Identification Program at Duke University.


bullet2nd highest WPF user rating in the world after 6 months on StackOverflow and under 500 answers.
bulletMy average of 4.2 votes per WPF answer is higher than any of the other top five WPF users
bulletSample answers: Cocoa vs WPF, WPF Layout, 3D geometry, MSBuild, Cursor rotation


bulletUS 6,393,362 "Dynamic safety envelope for autonomous-vehicle collision avoidance system."
bulletUS 6,442,456 "Anti-rut system for autonomous-vehicle guidance."
bulletUS 6,799,100 "Permission system for controlling interaction between autonomous vehicles in mining operation."

Other Honors

bulletChosen to participate in 50 year SMPY study of geniuses (top 0.01% cognitive ability).
bulletPromoted to Chief Software Engineer over Modular Mining Systems' biggest project, the $7 million Autonomous Truck project.
bulletUnofficial Modular Mining Systems company guru, frequently consulted by engineers from all over the company.
bulletSent to MineExpo mining convention to demonstrate my Dispatch Virtual Filesystem project to potential clients.

Honor Societies

bulletMember of Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Kappa Phi
bulletElected secretary of Eta Kappa Nu, ran Spring Fling fundraiser and other activities

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