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Software Projects

bulletControl software for robot haul trucks (85 to 300 ton).
bulletAutomated banking and healthcare system.
bulletFile system driver for on-the-fly database conversion.
bulletEmbedded Java system including compiler and interpreter.
bulletSystem to integrate Active Directory and Unix account databases.
bulletMultidimensional analysis tool.
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Networking Projects

bulletTCP/IP Infrastructure and Active Directory for company with 10 offices in 8 countries.
bulletSecurity analysis of web servers, firewalls, VPN.
bulletMulti-platform scripting to integrate Unix and Windows services.
bulletExchange 2000 rollout, conversion from sendmail
bulletAdvanced troubleshooting for Linux, Solaris, Windows, etc.
bulletNetware setup and administration, Netware to NT migrations.
bulletIP Telephony implementation, PBX automation.
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Hardware Projects

bulletDesigned and built computer in 7th grade, using my own CPU design
bulletWireless networking (802.11), PBX control, synthesizer interfaces
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bulletLockheed Martin, 2008-present, computer systems analyst
bulletHealthEquity, 2002-2008, system architect & chief engineer
bulletNewmonics, 2002, senior engineer
bulletModular Mining Systems, 1995-2002, chief engineer & lead analyst
bulletComputer Consultant, 1978-1990, 1992-1995, 2002-2003, hundreds of clients
bulletMissionary, 1990-1992
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