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bulletLearning new systems, languages, and standards quickly and completely.
bulletWriting good, clean, fast code in just about any language.
bulletPlanning projects and seeing the big picture.
bulletFiguring out how existing systems work and improving on them.
bulletThrown out of the curve in Computer Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Theory of Computation, Programming Languages, and Computational Linguistics classes.


bulletPresident of Rosemont West Neighborhood Association.
bulletPresident of Emerald Business Technologies, Inc.
bulletPresident of Let's Dance Club ballroom dance club.
bulletOrganized and led fund-raisers, service projects, activities, classes
        - for honor societies, fraternity/sorority, church.
bulletOrganized and led vocal quartets and other musical groups.  Choir director.  Pianist.
bulletTrained new missionaries, supervised groups of missionaries.
bulletSigma Gamma Chi Fraternity - Secretary and activities coordinator.
bulletEta Kappa Nu Honor Society - Secretary and Spring Fling fund-raiser director.
bulletTau Beta Pi Honor Society.  Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.


bulletSoftware architecture, including interaction design.
bulletDeveloping advanced algorithms and techniques for software systems.
bulletSoftware language features and functionality.
bulletDistributed and multi-tier self-recalculating databases.
bulletNon-Von Neumann architectures, object-based memory and processor design.
bulletArtificial Intelligence in development environments, control systems and user applications.
bulletOther interests include Music, Dance, Theater, Mathematics, Physics, Carpentry, ...

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