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Lockheed Martin, 2008-present

bulletDesigned & built new software infrastructure for F-16 fighter pilot training at the Air National Guard.

HealthEquity, 2002-2008

bulletSystem architect & chief engineer.
bulletBuilt network, data layer, GUI, Web, IVR, EDI.
bulletTook company from top-of-garage startup to largest non-bank HSA trustee in the world serving 100,000+ clients and managing millions of dollars.

NewMonics, 2002

bulletSenior software engineer, QA.
bulletDesigned and implemented test automation system.
bulletFound over 50 subtle bugs in embedded Java virtual machine.

Modular Mining Systems, 1995-2002

bulletLead analyst on Global IT Infrastructure project.
bulletLead software engineer on $7 million Autonomous Haul Truck project.
bulletLead software engineer on Dispatch Virtual Filesystem project.
bulletCompany “guru” in dozens of areas.  Taught classes and answered questions.

Computer Consultant, 1978-1990, 1992-1995, 2002-2003

bulletSelf-Employed computer consultant 15 years.  Hundreds of clients. Projects of all sizes.
bulletSpecialized in figuring out how to interface to unusual hardware, software, and operating systems.
bulletPartner in Compuco, a VAR / Vertical systems integrator.
bulletIntegrated diverse applications by writing glue code, file format converters, etc.
bulletBuilt custom accounting solutions, which saved companies money and time.
bulletDesigned and marketed software for the Epson QX-10, which got very good reviews.
bulletTaught computer architecture class at Pima College.
bulletRevamped, optimized, and added 80x87 floating point support to ZBASIC compiler.
bulletDesigned custom hardware / software solution for automotive rebuilders.

Missionary, 1990-1992

bulletTaught lessons to individuals and families, trained missionaries, supervised groups of missionaries.
bulletDesigned new software and network architecture for mission record keeping.

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