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Hardware Projects

Custom CPU and computer design

bulletDesigned and built CPU in 7th grade, used custom instruction set.
bulletUsed CPU to build computer, including RAM, I/O, power supply, OS, etc.

802.11 Wireless Networking

bulletDesigned hardware for efficient implementation of 802.11 wireless networking
bulletImplemented standard 802.11 MAC functions in hardware
bulletDesigned optimized slot-based media access protocol for maximum efficiency, similar to 802.11 CF but not requiring access points.

Employee Time Clock

bulletDesigned and built low cost computer-controlled time clock with time cards and display.
bulletUsed by employees to punch in & out, output fed into payroll system.

Cash Register Data Collection

bulletDesigned embedded system for long-distance cash register control with data storage and compression.

Synthesizer Interfaces (pre-MIDI)

bulletDesigned and built analog and digital circuits for interfacing Rhoades Chroma and other synthesizers to TRS-80 computer.
bulletDesigned and implemented several other sound system interfaces.

Other Interfaces

bulletDesigned and built computer interfaces to scales, alarms, switches, disk drives, ink pumps, EPROM programmers, networks.

Especially good at low-level device programming, writing of device drivers.

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