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Software Projects

Autonomous Haul Truck

bulletDesigned & implemented software architecture for robot haul trucks (85 to 300 ton) used by mines.
bulletDesigned & implemented fail-safe and redundancy systems for safe and reliable operation.
bulletDesigned & implemented algorithms for directing and controlling trucks.
bulletDesigned & implemented math, threading, database, and networking libraries used in project.
bulletRobot trucks running well in Australia and South Africa for several years, currently being marketed to additional mines.
bulletThree patents received: 6,393,362 - 6,442,456 - 6,799,100

Automated Banking and Healthcare System

bulletDesigned & implemented complete system to manage healthcare advocacy, claims and health savings accounts.
bulletAutomated web site, phone voice response (IVR), email, print & mail, customer service GUI.
bulletSoftware automatically issues checks and credit cards, does automatic deposits & withdrawals to clients' bank accounts.
bulletEDI integration with over 30 banks, brokers, insurance companies, PPOs, PBMs, etc, including Visa & American Express.
bulletUsed by 100,000+ clients, total transfers so far of over $200 million.

Dispatch Virtual Filesystem

bulletDesigned & implemented file system driver for on-the-fly database conversion.
bulletClients directly access legacy Unix database with standard PC tools such as Access and SQL Server.
bulletImplemented in 100+ large mines around the world.

Embedded Java

bulletAssisted in porting open source Java compiler environment to custom embedded OS, including design of real time garbage collector, compiler and library debugging, graphics library design, and advanced networking libraries.
bulletAlso implemented Java interpreter in embedded environment for interactive debugging.

VMerge Mail Merge

bulletDesigned, implemented & marketed mail merge system for Epson QX-10.
bulletGot rave reviews in magazines, hundreds of users.

GLScan Multidimensional Analysis

bulletInvented multidimensional analysis tool in 1986 to speed up analysis of Cyma accounting records.
bulletReduced run times from days to seconds by using a compact four dimensional cube.
bulletUsed many of the same techniques used by modern OLAP servers.

Response Pad Interface

bulletCreated interface between Toolbook and Hypergraphics Response Pad System.
bulletAllows students to interact with lessons in a classroom setting using radio keypads.

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