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Networking Projects

Global Active Directory

bulletPlanned & implemented Active Directory rollout for 10 offices in 8 countries.
bulletPlanned & implemented custom Windows to Unix account synchronization for worldwide single sign-on.
bulletPlanned & implemented DFS, Group Policy, RIS, Certificate Services, and OU delegation.

Global Network Infrastructure

bulletPlanned & implemented global TCP/IP infrastructure for 10 offices in 8 countries.
bulletPlanned & implemented DHCP, DNS, RADIUS, and WINS.
bulletInstalled & configured Windows, Linux, and Cisco routers and switches.
bulletAutomated installation and configuration of servers using Active Directory & automatic configuration scripts.

Global Security Infrastructure

bulletPlanned & implemented global security infrastructure, including Firewall, DMZ, Web Servers, PKI, Auditing.
bulletPlanned & implemented VPN tunnels between 6 offices & remote access VPN solution.
bulletInstalled Windows, Solaris, Linux, and Cisco firewalls.

Exchange 2000 Implementation

bulletUpgraded multiple Exchange 5.5 and Unix sendmail domains to Exchange 2000 organization.
bulletImplemented custom synchronization code between sendmail and Exchange.
bulletModified sendmail configuration throughout the upgrade.

Linux networking

bulletUpgraded large Solaris/Windows network to seamlessly support Linux clients and servers.
bulletCreated scripts for automatic installation & configuration of Linux clients.
bulletInstalled and supported Linux servers running NFS, sendmail, bind, SSH, mysql, apache, automount, ypbind.
bulletSupported Linux clients including Redhat and Mandrake

Netware to NT migration

bulletInstalled and configured many Netware networks
bulletUpgraded Netware networks to Windows NT, including all servers and clients.
bulletPorted Netware-specific functions to NT, including btrieve applications.

Other networking projects

bulletInstalled and configured LANtastic, 3COM, Molecular, MS-Client networks.
bulletInstalled 10/100BaseT, 10BaseT, 10Base2, Fiber, AppleTalk, other physical layers.
bulletImplemented custom network protocols for dial-up networking.

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